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our mission is to create software technologies to comprehensively support knowledge work in the twenty-first century

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polymind was founded in 2017 by Gerd Hübscher and Georg Puchberger, with the goal to provide technologies, which support knowledge workers, which help them to collaborate efficiently and which give the control back into the hands of those who create knowledge.


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polymind Research

polymind research is polymind’s upcoming project. This software will be a evolution of the “polymind IP” technology and will support research-, development- and innovation-processes for companies with a strong r&d focus. It will help knowledge-workers to collaborate efficiently and to keep control over their processes and knowledge.


ActivePublication is a web service for defensive publications, which meets the complex legal requirements for disclosures on the internet and is specially designed for long-term verifications. In near future, this technology will also be used for taking evidence of internet content, e.g. as infringement evidence or as proof of use.
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polymind IP

polymind IP is an innovative IP-management software which is designed to support IP professionals.


IP viewer is a patent monitoring and search tool, which extracts the most important information of the relevant patents and renders these information at a web page. It helps browsing a vast number of patent publication in a very short time.



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